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Comparing external file (text or Excel) with database before input

Question asked by tonyh278 on Feb 10, 2009
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Comparing external file (text or Excel) with database before input


I am a old Filemaker user and have really only dabbled with the later versions. I have developed systems in VB6 and used SQL but now have an opportunity to develop a full blown system in FM. It will have upwards of 20 users. It will require input of media (about 15,000 images/models per month) and will run to several terabytes of data (external to FM but referenced in).

I have a number of challenges but the main one (I think) is that the user will present a text or Excel file with 200 plus records of information which needs to be compared against the existing database - both prior to import and also for export. In SQL I would create a temporary table and do the work between the tables. I have already done something similar in Vb by importing my data into arrays and comparing that with database. There does not seem to be a temporary table available in FM10 and I need to keep user1's local file data separate from user2's. The 'input' file is likely to have around 20 fields of information per line, and I may need to compare more than one field although usually one will be the key.

Does anyone have ideas how I might tackle this?