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Comparing field values in a calculation

Question asked by b24mike on Sep 2, 2014
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Comparing field values in a calculation


I'm trying to get a value displayed in a portal based on comparisons of values in 2 different fields in 2 different tables.  The value displayed comes from table 1 and will only be displayed when Table 1's field -1 value is the same as Table-2's field-1 value and Table 1's field-2 value is the same as Table 2's field-2 value.

I'm trying to display a number assigned to a report when the date and aircraft number coming from 2 different tables correspond with the date and aircraft number in the second table.  The second table is the one that has the report number to be displayed.

I'm assuming that I'll need some sort of a loop or case structure in the calculation when dealing with the third table.

Example: Table 1 consists of a date and tail number for a mission flown in a portal.  Table 2 contains the date, tail number and report number for a plane shot down. When entering data into the Table 1 portal, I would like the report field to be automatically populated after entering the aircraft details.

I'm new to FileMaker but have worked for years as a software engineer.