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    Comparing rows from two tables



      Comparing rows from two tables



      I have two spreadsheets  that have names  of contacts.  I need a report that lists the contact (Display Name) that are in one and not in the other. 

      I have loaded these sheets into two identical tables in FileMaker.  If using SQL I  could have fired a query against the two tables (A, B):

      Select * from  A where a.displayname <> b.displayname


      Select * from  B where B.displayname <> a.displayname

      How to accomplish this in filemaker?  I am new to this nd any help will be much appreciated.


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          It'd be nice to have a filemaker equivalent of a UNION type SQL query.

          One approach I can think of is to

          1. import the records into the same table.
          2. Enter find mode and enter an ! into the name field to find duplicates
          3. Select the Omit option to omit all duplicates (There'll be a duplicate entry for every record that is in both spread sheets).
          4. Perform the find.


          Generally speaking, simple queries are much simpler to do in FileMaker than Access, but as you set out to perform increasingly sophisticated queries, the pendulum gradually swings the other way in favor fo the greater power of a decently crafted SQL query.