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Comparing Summary data

Question asked by tomo17 on Apr 26, 2011
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Comparing Summary data


Can i compare summary data such as averages, totals etc that are generated for two different groups in the same field on the same layout?

I have a stats database that i am regularly entering weekly results with associated performance data for different teams.  For each match i enter the team, the opponent, goals scored for and against as well as some possession based data.  there are currently five records for each team.  All of the league results are on the one table.

At the moment i have been able to set up a layout that will show data for a team that i select that uses summary fields to generate season averages up to that point.  What i want to be able to do is choose two teams from the league and then compare the summary of results for the two different teams alongside each other on a similar layout.  How would i script for this if it is possible?

here is a basic example of what i am trying to do

Goals For Goals Against Average time possession

Team 1

Team 2

Thanks for any suggestions