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Question asked by EssexBiker on May 24, 2011
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Good day, one and all.

I have just converted to Mac and thoroughly thrilled with all things Apple now! I have been using MS ACCESS for several years at I guess an intermediate level...

I have a table “CUSTOMERS” and a table “ORDERS” (there are more, these are the two I wish to compare)

I receive purchase orders for travel passes from a local authority, I need to identify:

  • New Customers (Those that are in ORDERS but not CUSTOMERS)
  • Customers that have moved address (they already exist in CUSTOMERS but their address has changed)

Fortunately they all have a unique [Passenger ID] which is always provided in each purchase order

  Table CUSTOMERS [Passenger ID] [Add1] [Add2] [Add3] [Add4] [Add5] [Route] (& some other record fields not compared)

  Table ORDERS         [Passenger ID] [Add1] [Add2] [Add3] [Add4] [Add5]

Each [Passenger ID] could have many orders over a period of time

I would also like for the new customer details to be imported into the “CUSTOMERS” tablem, that way they will be there for the next time round we get a purchase order & there are other fields in the customer record that I will use.

For both instances I would like to pause at each record that’s flagged as new or changed in a form layout to either amend or populate the [Route] field.

This would take me a hundred years to figure out, I’m sure this would be a walk in the park for some of you clever Guys n Gals!

 I really look forward to hearing from someone soon... ;@)