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    Compatibility Issues Version 5.5v1



      Compatibility Issues Version 5.5v1


      I running an older version of Filemaker Pro  5.5 v1


      Understand no support of this version.  However is anyone running it with Mac Leopard OS 

      If not anyone know the pathway and cost of upgrading to a version that will run on Leopard 


      Thanks For your support


      G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)


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          If you choose to upgrade,


          Purchase FMP advanced--the database design reports will be very useful.


          I'm in the process of converting a large set of 5.5 files into 10 format (Windows, not Mac).


          The process is fairly smooth, you can simply use FMP 10 adv to open each file in order to generate converted copies of each file, but you will need to exhaustively test each file/layout/script.... Etc.


          Several issues I've encountered:


          You'll find a lot of your expressions in field definitions and scripts cluttered up with apparently unnecessary uses of the GetAsNumber() function. This makes them harder to read and may affect correct evaluation in a few instances.


          You can merge your separate 5.5 files into a single, unified file with multiple table references, but it will take a lot of effort even with FMP 10 adv. I hear there's a utility out there somewhere that can help.


          Scripts that perform external scripts may leave the wrong window at the front after conversion.


          When you first look at your relationship graphs, you may be confronted with a very complex and difficult to read representation of all your relationships. You may need to drag things around to make things easier to read.


          You'll find an amazing quantity of unexpected garbage in your external file references. This isn't produced directly by the conversion process. Instead, the latest versions of FMP expose this formerly hidden part of the system so that you can better work with them.



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            Thanks Phil,


            Thank you for your response.   I will check the upgrade price of FMP and decide the next step.


            Best wishes,

            G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)


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              Hi Phil,


              Bazz again,  How would you compare the data base in iWork  vs FMP.  Considering I'm not really a power user.  Just need contacts and an organized fields to  maintain a contact diary.  Along with of course, mailing labels, three or four different layouts etc.   Or perhaps Bento 

              Best wishes,

              G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

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                Unfortunately, I haven't any experience with iWork or Bento.


                If you CAN find a solution that does what you need "off the shelf" then that will be a much better option even if you have to put up with a few issues that aren't exactly what you'd prefer. If you have to build it "from scratch", that will chew up a lot of your time.



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                  Thanks Phil,  Nice meeting you.  


                  Best wishes,


                  G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)


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                    Thank you for your post.


                    iWork does not have a database program; only a spreadsheet (Numbers) and word processing (Pages).


                    Bento is a database that integrates with Apple's Address Book, iCal and Mail applications.  Bento can keep track of contacts and even has a "Contacts" template that is designed after Apple's Address Book Library.  You can also have as many layouts (forms) as you wish.  However, Bento does NOT print mailing labels directly.  Since Bento integrates with Address Book, and Address Book has a printing template, you can enter data into Bento's Address Book Library/table and print via Apple's Address Book application.  Some users are also exporting the data to a text file and having a label printing software import the text file and print labels.


                    The best way to see if Bento works for you is to download a free 30-day trial of Bento from www.bentotrial.com.  There is also a Bento forum to ask questions at forums.filemaker.com.


                    Good luck with your decision.



                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      Thank you TSGal,


                      I appreciate your time in helping me.


                      I agree after I took a look at Bento at the Apple Store earlier this week.  It's pretty slick for 50 bucks.


                      Have a good week end,


                      Best Wishes, 

                      For Your Health And Happiness.

                      May Your Life Be Filled With Love and Prosperity



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                        I'm running 5.5 on Leopard with no problems. Also on Snow Leopard.

                        But I'm converting to 11 for a new laptop with Lion and want to know if can go back and forth between them.