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compatibility v11 with MacOs Snow Leopard

Question asked by walie on Sep 2, 2010
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compatibility v11 with MacOs Snow Leopard


Can please somebody tell me if FileMaker Pro is compatible with MacOs Snow Leopard? 

I stopped using FileMaker (v9) in 2007 because there was no need for it anymore. Now, in 2010, I love to go on with FileMaker. Starting up my good old version 9 it doesn't work anymore, although I installed Rosetta.

Now I want to buy version 11 (advanced?) and like to know:

- is version 11 compatible with MacOs Snow Leopard (v10.6.4);

- can I open earlier databases (v3 (*.fp3) and/or v7, and/or v9) with v11?

Hope some body in the forum can help me out here.

Many thanks in advance!

Walter van Hauwe  

The Netherlands