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Complete newbie asking for help...

Question asked by icecreamboy on Apr 9, 2010
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Complete newbie asking for help...


Hi, I'm a complete beginner to FileMaker Pro. I'm currently operating on Windows XP, with FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.


I'm trying to make a simple database with 2 tables: patients and appointments. There are also 2 layouts: patient view, and appointment view. In patient view, it's just general information about the patient. In appointment view, it's a list of all their appointments.


I've learned how to make a button to "create a new patient" and "create a new appointment" but I can't seem to get them to connect. I made a relationship with a patient ID field in both tables.


What I want is a button on the "patient view" layout that says "Go to appointment view". Then when I'm in "appointment view", I want a button that says "New appointment" and I want this new record to automatically be linked to the patient I was just on (for example, by auto-entering the patient ID or something).


I seem to be unable to grasp how to do it, any help would be very much appreciated!