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Complex calculations intermittently display as blank on older WinXP clients

Question asked by AlexW on Mar 15, 2011


Complex calculations intermittently display as blank on older WinXP clients


Hello.  I'm experiencing problems with values calculated across a fairly complex set of relationships (for an idea of scope, the main calculation in question traverses maybe a dozen relationships, with the two biggest tables containing ~20K and ~250K records respectively).  We're using FMP Pro's built-in Filemaker networking. 

Sometimes, FMP clients running on older WinXP boxes display the calculated values as empty strings, even though they're definitely not empty.  Even when we try to display the relevant related records directly through a portal, the portal appears empty.  What's strange is that the problem is very intermittent -- the same computer with the same view of the same find/sort set on the same layout will sometimes show the results normally, but sometimes show them as empty.  In fact, even opening another FMP database on the client sometimes is enough to make the main database perform normally.

The problem only appears on older WinXP clients and when we use an older WinXP machine to serve the database.  Although the WinXP boxes have plenty of excess RAM and operate across a reasonably fast LAN, they are, well, old.

Can anybody think of any weird resource limits that might be coming into play?  Is there anywhere that FMP Pro would log these kinds of conditions?  For that matter, is there any way programmatically to detect when calculations across relationships are getting "truncated" like this?

Thanks for any insight you might have!