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Complex Case Calculation vs. Script

Question asked by CaitlinM on Aug 10, 2011
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Complex Case Calculation vs. Script




I'm working with a set of clinical trials that have many different criteria, i.e. age ranges, disease status, type of disease, etc.

So far I have fields set up that are patient specific:

Patient Info:PatientID

Patient Info:Disease

Patient Info:Disease Status

Patient Info:Current Age

Patient Info:Protocol Number


I then have a related table (Protocols), which have all the information about the specific protocol:

Protocols:Protocol Number

Protocols:Age Range

Protocols:Patient Population (i.e. Disease Status)

Protocols:Contact Info



I was wondering if there was a way to create a portal showing the protocols that a patient would be eligible for, based on their disease status, current age, disease, etc. without having to use a long list of Case functions, and if a script would be easier to use.


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