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    complex data import



      complex data import



      Ihaveabit ofaprobeem.I am  trying to monitor 4differentbuses.Toanalyzethedatathere are ineverybustwodifferentdata recorders.

      Iwould liketo importthisdataintoFileMakerProAdvanced11.ButtousethedatawhenIimporteach record i need tot add a date and a busnumber.

      Ihave considered toaddtimestampinafield, but sometimes there can be a weak between importing data, and i need to add the date of the day the bus created the data. And there are 4 differend busses driving the same day i also need tot add the busnumer..


      Does anyone haveanideahowIcanimportaCSVfileand add a self chosen date and busnumber foreach record. The nnuber of records each day for one bus is more than166,139records so filling in by hand is not an option.



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          Option 1)

          Immediately after import, the imported records form your found set. You can use Replace Field Contents to enter a date and bus number into every record in the found set of newly imported records.

          Option 2)

          You can enter bus number and date into global fields and then enable an auto-enter calculation on your date and busnumber fields. If you enable auto-enter operations during import (warning this enables ALL such operations on all your fields), this data will then be auto-entered into the bus number and date fields during import of each record.

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            So so so so sorry,

            it has been al long day... deleted the right answer... feel such a loser..

            but any way... 

            This is nog my answer.. but given by someone very nice from this forum

            The one witch worked for me..

            go to records and select replace field contents

            The other way was by using global storage when you use a script..

            any way i am realy sorry for deleting the right answer.. but very thank full to the one who posed the right answer..

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              Using global fields to input this data does not require a script if you use auto-enter field options. (Learned this trick from LaRetta.)