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complex data import

Question asked by Cinderella on Jan 18, 2011
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complex data import



Ihaveabit ofaprobeem.I am  trying to monitor 4differentbuses.Toanalyzethedatathere are ineverybustwodifferentdata recorders.

Iwould liketo importthisdataintoFileMakerProAdvanced11.ButtousethedatawhenIimporteach record i need tot add a date and a busnumber.

Ihave considered toaddtimestampinafield, but sometimes there can be a weak between importing data, and i need to add the date of the day the bus created the data. And there are 4 differend busses driving the same day i also need tot add the busnumer..


Does anyone haveanideahowIcanimportaCSVfileand add a self chosen date and busnumber foreach record. The nnuber of records each day for one bus is more than166,139records so filling in by hand is not an option.