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Complex Date Calculation

Question asked by beckles88 on May 19, 2010
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Complex Date Calculation


Hi All,

I have a complex date calculation which I need to make.

When a student enrols on a course they have two years to complete the course.
They may have an extension of up to 6 months (field name: Course_Entension Period).
They may defer their course for upto a year so I have a Course_Deferral Date and a Course_Reinstate Date field.
I then have a Course_Period Before Deferral field, this works out the number of days before the student deferred the course.
I also have a Course_Deferral Period field which calculate the number of days the student deferred.
When the student reinstates they have two years minus the Period Before Deferral to complete their course.

I need a calculation to work out the Course_End Date from all these factors and the Course_Start Date.

Thank you for any help