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Complex portal problem

Question asked by Wimmachine on Feb 2, 2011
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Complex portal problem


I'm in the process of constructing a mockup and I'm having an issue with a 'drill down' portal displaying the proper related records. Here's a rundown of the pertinent relationships:

Project --< Submission --< Assignment >-- Employee

Assignment --< Time

I have constructed a layout showing records from the Project table.  On this layout are 3 portals that are set up to auto-filter in order of relationship:

- Submission
- Assignment
- Time

Not sure if I can explain this but.. here's how it works:  Click on the first record in the Submission portal, a global field is set and the Assignment portal is filtered on that global, showing all Assignment records (e.g. Employee names) for selected Submission.  Works fine.  I have the same system set up at the Assignment level.  Click on an Assignment record and the Time portal auto-filters for all Time records linked to that Assignment. The filtering works, but the related Employee Name that is displayed is wrong.

I don't think this is a relationship problem, because when I look at the Time table layout, the related data in the Employee::Name field is correct, it's just not displaying properly in the portal..

Example with IDs:  
-  Project01 has 1 Submission record:  Sub01
-  Sub01 has 2 Assignment records:  Assign05 & Assign06
          -  Assign05 Employee is John Adams, Assign06 is George Washington
-  Assign05 has 2 Time records, Assign06 has 1
-  The Time portal filters by Assign ID properly (e.g. if I click on Assign05 in the Assignment portal, the Time portal auto-filters and displays 2 records ID'd as Assign05), but the Employee::Name is always George Washington

I can try to provide more info if necessary. Thanks for your help!