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Complex Pricing Structure

Question asked by Kat4 on Nov 11, 2008
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Complex Pricing Structure


I originally asked about the difference between Order and Orderline. I got a very helpful answer from AndreasT which I've been referring to.

However, after trying to work out our pricing structure to work on the Orders Page through a portal, I find myself stuck again because of the complexity of the product and pricing options.

Here's what we have: 111 possible prints available (some are same title but different size)

these are sold either flat, shrinkwrapped, matted and shrinkwrapped, or fully framed (pricing for framing on each print is different based on type of mats and frame etc.)

the prints are also available in art card form (all the same price) 

we also sell three or four items without the framing issue,

and we sell some consigned items 

The trickiest part for me is arranging the portal which will allow all these possibilities.


In the portal I'd have a column for quantity, one for product name, then description (so the customer knows which size print they've got for example), then... a drop down menu within the portal (if that's possible) to choose the type of 'packaging' (ie: either flat, framed, etc), then the appropriate price would have to be calculated on these multiple predicates!


Perhaps I'm going about this the wrong way. I do have all the pricing options on each product record, but I'm still not sure how to arrange the order in the natural way one would use when filling out an invoice by hand. 


We sell both Wholesale and Retail and some Consignment which I think can show up on the orders page but again the pricing is not straight forward; the wholesale prints are 50% retail, but the wholesale framing is -25% of the retail and Consignment is a whole different matter. 

I have a field for customer type, so I think I can make the different calculations based on that field. 


Could some one please steer me in the right direction?