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Complex Pricing Structure

Question asked by kliegl12 on Jul 13, 2009
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Complex Pricing Structure


I copied my original post, It was a response to a solved string (RE: Complex Pricing Structure) and I was afraid no one would see it...



Greetings, I have been playing along with this because I have such a similar structure as Kat4 does, I am a spreadsheet guy writing a database for the first time... So I have the freedom to set this up anyway I want...  but the lack of knowledge to do it right.


The question that I am struggling with is how to write a case calculation to choose the right price. 


I have 2 "customer types" (Vendor and Customer) and two location types "State" (in state and out of state lets say Az) so I have 4 prices to choose from with each of my products. 

1. Vendor, Az or Vendor, not Az

2. Customer, Az or Customer, not Az

A vendor will never get a customer price and a customer can't get the vendor price. 


I have a product page set up with each of the prices on it. I Have a portal window, on my invoices page (thats where the orders are done) and it works with a single price lookup off of the product ID on the Products page, (and I have a line Items TO inserted between, for the many to many),  so I know the relationships are good.  


I want to put in a case calculation, but should it be a series of GET calculations or a series of IF calculations?


Thanks in advance...