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    Complex Relationship



      Complex Relationship


           I am trying to create a relationship that will allow me to display all of the notes related to a specific contact that were made for that contact and any of the other contacts that have a relationship with the contact. For example: Fred (ContacID1) is the primary contact and there are three notes associated with Fred.  Mary (ContactID2) is married to and has two notes associated with her.  In a Tab titled All Notes when I am on the record for Fred and go to the All Notes tab I want a portal that will show the three notes for Fred as well as the two notes for Mary.

           As shown in the attached file my tables are Contact, Relationship and Note.

           My question is, what does the relationship need to be for me to source the portal as described.


           Don S.


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               If you linked your contact_CONTACT_concernedOthers TO to a new Occrrence of NOTE, you could place a portal to this new TO on your contact layout and it would show all notes for related contacts.

               But you can also define this calculation field in Contacts with Text as its result type:

               List ( ContactID ; List ( contact_CONTACT_concernedOthers::ContactID ) )

               You can use it as the match field to ContactID in a new TO of Notes to get your portal that combines the current contact's notes with those for all related contacts.