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Complex Reporting Using Sub-Summaries

Question asked by SamuelHall on Jan 15, 2013
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Complex Reporting Using Sub-Summaries


     Hi all,

     I have been asked to create an Itinerary printout related to our corporate travel, essentially this report needs to be broken down into each day of the trip and then any events which occur during that day should be listed. The structure has to match existing reports.

     So I created a table which handles only reporting, it takes the trip ID and creates an instance for every day of the trip - my problem is that I need to be able to print this to pdf without creating a heap of whitespace (hence I need to be able to create the full itinerary in a list view) AND I need to account for multiple occurences of any type of event on any day.

     The structure as I have it at the moment is a set of Sub-Summaries as follows:

     Sub-S: Date (table: reports)

     Sub-S: Flights (table: flights)

     Sub-S: Vehicles (table: vehicles).....

     Etc, this will generate a list with the first of each event for that day obviously however as I need to account for the possibility of multiple flights or multiple vehicles on any given day I cannot use any of them as the body. I have toyed with the idea of portals within the sub summaries however I would then have to set arbitrary limits on the numbers of each event type. 

     I could ofcourse do all the parts in seperate layouts with a script the only problem being that with the Append to PDF step I would end up with a lot of waste. 

     If anyone has any ideas regarding this I would be thankful.