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Complicated Conditional Entries

Question asked by LiamWittert on Apr 11, 2013
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Complicated Conditional Entries



     I will do my best to explain the problem I am trying to solve. I am creating a database to use as an asset register tool, that will be used to record assets during an audit across mutiple sites, buildings and floors.

     The problem I am having is using conditional formatting to resitrct the list of buildings to the site selected. However, I want the list to be drawn from another table, with the condition then applied form the entry in a third table. 

     The structure I have is currently with 3 tables: Site List, Building List and Asset Register. The Site List table containts information in the site, such as an ID, name, address, and number of buildings. It is then linked to the Building List table through the Site ID. This table lists all of the buildinds acorss all the sites we audit, each building is associated with a Site ID and has its own name and ID. These two tables would be populated before vising the site(s). The third table is the Asset Register table, each record in this table is a new asset, with a name, ID, ect, and also records the location of the asset. First selecting the site from a drop down list which its value list is the Site ID table, this is working fine. The next drop down field is the building name, which I want to be conditional on the site chosen, and the information for the value list drawn from the Building ID table.


     Is anyone able to please help me build the correct relationships and value list settings? Hopefully I have managed to explain myself clearly enough.