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Complicated Conditional Value List?

Question asked by johnhorner on Oct 22, 2012
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Complicated Conditional Value List?


     i notice that this is a hot topic today...  i have looked at the conditional value list demos and understand the basic concept but i am at a loss as to how to extend this to my situation.  i have a products table and it contains fields for various things such as "price", "vendor", "product category", etc.  so far, i have created a global field (in a separate preferences table for now) with a pop-up menu which displays the primary filter category (e.g. "All", "Vendor =", "Product Category =", "Price =", etc.).  the values for this are a simple preset custom value list.  what i would like to do is to create a conditional value list such that if the user selects "Category", for example, from the first pop-up menu, the conditional value list will contain the field values from the "product category" field in products (this, will be a dynamic list as the user can create, edit, or delete the categories).  if however, the user selects "Price" from the first pop-up menu, i would like to display a preset value list (e.g "$0.00 - $50.00, $50.01 - $100.00, $100.01 - $500.00, etc).  so some value lists will be generated by field values, and others will be preset (ideally user defineable, but would settle for fixed custom list).  can this be done.  i think the last step, filtering the portal based on the two selections should be fairly straightforward...  any ideas much appreciated!