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Complicated related records situation

Question asked by mrcrister on Feb 2, 2012
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Complicated related records situation


I am in the process of designing a database that organizes people and assignments they may have on a project.

The data on people is stored in an external fp7 file.
Assignments are stored in a table that have a name, date, start and end time, and a description.
There is a third table that is called Schedules that stores a person's ID and an Assignment's ID, sort of a link table if you will. This allows for any number of assignments to be added to a person's list of assignments and any number of people to be added to an assignment.

There is a laout that accesses the "People" data that contains a portal of related "Schedule" records. Theoretically this should allow for new assignments to be added. I've used this method before in a similar fashion on enrolling students in to classes via a link table. Since the linking table only stores ID numbers, the portal actually only shows related fields directly from the "Assignments" table. I've already checked the box under the relationships between the link table and both assignments and people that new "schedule" records can be created through the relationships. However when I go to add a new assignment to a person, Filemaker gives me an error that the action is not allowed and that what I am trying to modify is not allowed to be modified.

I have been able to go in directly to the link table, enter IDs for the person and the assignment. After doing this the assignments appear in the portal on the "People" layout. I'm wondering if I am missing some step I forgot about. I know that this method works because I've used it before. Any ideas?

Please let me know if I need to provide any details, I know that this is very wordy. Appologies.


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