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    Compressing Runtime solutions



      Compressing Runtime solutions


      Hi all

      I am trying to send a potential client a copy of some solutions I have created.  Since they have not decided on whether to use FM or not, I am forced to send them runtimes.  The problem is getting them the runtime folder.

      When I zip the folder, and then unzip it, something happens and I get an error message when trying to run the exe file (error message below).  I tried uploading to dropbox, but unknowingly that will compress the folder when I upload as well.  Google Doc's doesn't allow folder upload, only single files.

      Question 1: Should runtime folders be able to handle a compression?

      Question 2: If not, is there another way to send a runtime folder (other than putting it on a disk and mailing it)?

      Details: Developed using FMP Adv 11 on Mac OSX 10.4, however runtime binding and compression was done on a Windows 7 machine using FMP Adv 11 as well.  Unzipping using Windows XP.

      Error Message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."


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          As long as you extract ( decompress ) all the compressed files that make up your solution, you should be able to send your files out as a compressed archive.

          If all else fails, you could try an FTP service such as YouSendIt to email them a download link from which they can download your trial solution.

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            For whatever reason, they won't open after being compressed and decompressed.

            I don't know if this is a Win 7 to Win XP thing or what.  It's been quite frustrating since the client has been waiting for examples.

            I may just forget that whole idea and either mail them a CD with the folder or try the FTP thing as well (although I don't want to make it to technical).

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              Are you by any chance using FileMaker 11v1 instead of 11v2 or 11v3?

              There was an issue with getting runtimes to work on windows systems with 11v1 that the 11v2 updater fixed.