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    Computing for a value



      Computing for a value


           Hi everyone!  I'm currently stuck for a few days now trying to figure out why the formula I converted from Excel to FileMaker won't give me the same exact answer.  The formula originally in excel is " =IF(ISNUMBER(E19),COS(((E19+E18)/2)*(PI()/180))*(D19-D18)+G18,"") " and the formula that I have for the FileMaker is

           Let (R = Get ( RecordNumber);
           If(R=1; Cos(((INC + SLIDE::INC)/2) * (Pi/180)) * ((Survey_Depth - SLIDE::Survey_Depth) + SLIDE::TVD);

           Cos(((GetNthRecord(INC;R - 1 ) + INC)/2) * (Pi/180)) * ((Survey_Depth - GetNthRecord(Survey_Depth; R - 1)) + GetNthRecord(TVD; R - 1))))


           But as I go further, computed value becomes more different between excel and FileMaker.  Is there a problem with my FileMaker formula or is there something I'm missing or need to change?