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    Concantenate Problem



      Concantenate Problem


           For some reason I can concantenate to get a Full Name

           C_FullName = C_FirstName & " " & C_LastName

           but get a blank field with I concantenate to get Last Name , First Name

           C_NameLastFIrst = C_LastName & " " & C_FirstName


           Any body have an ideas as to why? Yikes!


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               Are these two different calculation fields?  If so are they unstored calculations?  Unstored would make the calculation recalculated when needed.  Verify that all fields are of text format and that the calculated fields returns texts.

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                 The calculations should not need to be unstored to get them to work here. Unstored calculations can slow down how fast a layout updates, how fast records sort (if unstored field is part of the specified sort order) and how fast records are found (if criteria is specified in the unstored calc field).