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    Concatenate fields



      Concatenate fields


      FileMaker Pro 10


      I am new to FM, so please bear with me.  I would like to concatenate the first and last name fields on one layout.  While this is probably a very simple procedure, I would really appreciate step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Thanks!!

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          Here's the code copied directly from one of my DBs:


          FirstName & " " & If ( not IsEmpty ( Initial ) ; Initial & " " ; "" ) & LastName



          There are many variations possible depending on whether you want the last or first name first and what punctuation you want.


          Note: FirstName, Initial, and LastName are text fields defined in the same table as the above calcuation field.

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            I actually have a question about this same topic.  I need to combine First Name and Last Name to create Full Name.  Here is the code I found in my FileMaker 11 manual but it is only pulling the first name.

            Last Name & "," & First Name

            Any suggestions on why this might not be working?

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              If you are creating a standard field then that is the issue ... it should be a calculation (result of text).   But truly, unless you need this for export, you can use merge fields to display the result just as easily.

              Go to your layout (in layout mode) and select Insert > Merge Field and double-click LastName.  Then (while still in the box and viewing <<LastName>>) type a comma and a space then immediately select Insert > Merge and double-click your FirstName.  It will look like this:

              <<LastName>>, <<FirstName>>

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                Thank you so much.  I will give that a try.  I am learning FileMaker as I build a new database for my organization and this is very helpful.