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Concatenate Fields from within a Related Record

Question asked by evanscl on Jan 14, 2014
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Concatenate Fields from within a Related Record


     I have a relationship with a parent, child, and grandchild record.

     The parent record, "Collection Site", has a field with a 'county code'.

     The grandchild record has two fields, 'family code' and 'pool number'.

     I want to concatenate 'county code' & 'family code' & 'pool number' in a field called 'SpecimenIDNumber'.

     The calculation below works, but only for the first grandchild record. After the first grandchild record, only 'family code' and 'pool number' fields will concatenate.

SpecimenIDNumber = CollectionSite::SC County Code & FamilyCode & PoolNumber

     How do I make the calculation work for all of the records in the grandchild table?