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Concatenate text fields which include a hyphen

Question asked by dicksmith on Feb 2, 2011
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Concatenate text fields which include a hyphen


I have three text fields: city, state, postalcode

When I concatenate them to define a new calculation field city_state_code, (city_state_code = city & " ," & state & "  " & postalcode) I get different results if the postal code includes a hyphen.

Example:  city: Weaverviile     state: NC      postalcode:36554     city_state_code: Weaverville, NC  36554

but       city: Weaverviile     state: NC      postalcode:36554-6554     city_state_code: 365546554

Something about the hyphen seems to cause problems. This is consistent behavior across multiple records, some with hyphens, others not.  Also, on a layout, Browse Mode, if I click in the city_state_code field, what shows is "Weaverville, NC 36554" but when I click in another field, the city_state_code field reverts to 365546554.

What's going on, and how can I fix it?  Running FMP7