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    Concatenate to Make Unique Keys



      Concatenate to Make Unique Keys


           I have a tab delimited text file that is created by another program with a week's worth of entries.  I have a script add those entries to a FileMaker database.  Because the text file has a few weeks worth of entries and it updates once a day, that means that each time it updates, there are a bunch of duplicates.  

           Normally, I would just set a unique field as unique and FileMaker would happily ignore the duplicate entries and only add the new unique ones.  My problem is that the only unique key is the the concatenation of two fields (ID and date/time). To make a concatenated field, I need use a calculated field.  I can't set calculated fields to be unique.  My two key fields, ID and date/time are not unique in it of themselves.

           Is there a way to make a calculation unique?  Whatever the solution, it needs to be automated because I am shoveling in huge amounts of information.  Is there a better way to keep updating a FileMaker database from a text file that is going to have duplicate versions of what is already in the database along with new entries?