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concatenating from fields including value lists

Question asked by HarvJNep2n on Jun 28, 2010
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concatenating from fields including value lists


Mac OS 10.6

Beginning User

FM 11



I have the following fields:

name_salutation (validated by value list including Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.)






All of the above are text fields. 

I have set up the name_full field to concatenate the other fields using an auto-enter calculation in this way:

name_salutation & " " & name_first & " " & """" & name_nick & """" & " " & name_last


The field operated correctly except it doesn't import the name_salutation field contents. In name_full I should see a result like this:

Mr. Michael "Mike" Smith

and instead I get a result like this:

Michael "Mike" Smith


I have checked the parameters of the salutation field many times, making certain the name is correct in the calculation dialog box. The only difference between the fields which ARE concatenating correctly and the one which isn't is that the one that isn't happens to be validated by value list. If it changes things, the value list is a conditional value list (there are other categories of salutations, depending upon whether the customer is military, involving ranks unique to their branch). 


Please tell me how to concatenate text including source data from a value list.



Bryan Cheney