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Concept of "going back" or saving layout "states" in FMP

Question asked by ShaneB on Sep 17, 2014
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Concept of "going back" or saving layout "states" in FMP


In my FMP solution, my users are frequently looking at long lists (1000+) of records, switching views to other groups of records via a search or other function, and then going back to the original list of records. They then have to use the scroll bar or page down to get back to where they were before. Or, more frequently, they run a search to create a new found set of records, do something that changes the layout or found record set, and would like to quickly get back to where they were before without running the original search again.

Is there any kind of way to create more efficient ways of moving around and working with records in ways like this? Something like a web browser, when you hit "back" you go back to the location on the page you just were on. Are there ways of popping up new windows with different layouts that wouldn't overwhelm the users over time? I'm curious what methods are often employed to solve these types of problems.