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concurrent line item help

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Feb 15, 2014
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concurrent line item help


     I want to be able to display a sum of the product quantity on line items all of the line items with the same Inventory ID number that are other invoices that have overlapping start and end dates(my line items are rentals so invoices have a start and end date).  I created table called Line Items_All and related Line Item::inventory ID=Line Item_All::inventory ID.  In a portal of displaying  line items:ALL on a layout displaying line items, This limits portal records to every time this item was on an invoice. 

     If i filter the portal with [ items will be visible when:  

Line Items_All::ID ≠ Line Items::ID and 

Line Item_ALL_invoice::Start Date    ≤    invoice::End Date and 

     Line Item_ALL_invoice::End Date     ≥   invoice::Start Date]
     is displays perfectly.
     I am trying to create a calculation Line Item::cNow Invoiced that would display Line Items_ALL::Quantity if it falls in the same date range and the invoice I am currently view.  Then I would create a sum field to total those to get a total invoiced to compare to qty on hand from inventory.  
     I cannot seem to get the calculation field to work.  if i use the about boolean statement, it returns 0