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Concurrent page numbers between layouts..

Question asked by ZacherieWalker on Mar 10, 2015
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Concurrent page numbers between layouts..


Due to some of the FileMaker challenges I've had with creating this long report, I've had to break it down into several layouts.  

I'm having a huge problem with getting the {{PageNumber}} on each layout to flow with one another.  Basically, I want to have the  ( Previous Layout Page Total + Current Layout {{PageNumber}}  ) of <<Total Pages>>

(Not sure if that was the correct format but that's the only way I could explain it)

I have several layouts and I'm just utter confused on how to get this to work.  The Get (RecordNumber) only reports that total number of records in preview mode; it doesn't flow from page to page.   Is this at all possible with FileMaker?  My end goal, as well, is to collect the total pages of all the different layouts, append them all to a PDF and have that Page# of PageTotal be concurrent. 

I'm really not sure if I explained this correctly.  Please let me know if it's confusing.