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Cond value List issue

Question asked by EP on Feb 5, 2014
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Cond value List issue


     I had a relationship in place:

     Table1::Discipline = Table2::Discipline

     Users pick the "discipline" (Table2::Discipline) from a popup menu that shows these 2 values: Doctor, Nurse.  I created a popup menu on a layout for Table2::Employee.  A Conditional Value list has been set up to display only values from the second field based on the above relationship.  So when a user selects "Doctor" for the Table2::Discipline field, they see a bunch of employees that are "Doctors" and Nurses do not appear.  I recently realized that I need another condition in place: "Status."  I only want "Active" employees to show up in the popup.

     I went ahead and added to the initial relationship: Table1::Status = Table2::Status.  I created an auto-enter value for Table2::Status ("Active").  It works, but now employees that are terminated end up being removed from Table2::Employee field and Table1::_pkPersonnelID only displays (Field 1 of the value list).

     Any way to fix this?