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Conditional  OR  Dynamic Value List,  Stalled

Question asked by DEM_Proper on Oct 18, 2010
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Conditional  OR  Dynamic Value List,  Stalled & Confused ......


Hello All,

 I am re-submitting this post because I may not have clearly explained what I am attempting to accomplish.

I need a Dynamic  or Conditional Value List that will provide data to a maximum of (5) two level entries on the same layout .  All the examples that  I have experimented with will only provide entry for (1) one (2) level entry.  I’ve  been advised to use a Conditional  Value List instead however I fail to see the difference because it is also based on  a defined relationship.

These terms  Conditional and Dynamic Value List seem to used inter changeably  and I have not been able to find  documentation that explains the differences if any.   My last attempt was with instructions from a FileMaker web site (Listed below) outlining the steps necessary to create a Conditional Value List.  Weather the Value List is Conditional or Dynamic I need it to provide data for field sets as shown in the example  image .  All of these (2) Level entries are on the same Layout screen.  Any assistance or guidance will be sincerely appreciated.  I’m working on a project and am stalled and very frustrated.  I’m from the Old school of data base development and working with relational data was never this difficult ………… I know the solution is simple,  I just can’t wrap my head around it !!!    

 The Web sire url:

Thank you in advance..........