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Conditional " Drop Down list"

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 15, 2012
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Conditional " Drop Down list"



     I have 2 fields , each one contains a drop down list ; The 2 nd one depend from the first ; When I chose A from the 1st list, in the second , just the depending Records will be displayed. It works in My descktop; But , when I move to the Web Brpwser, usnig my DataBase on the web , I MUST Submit after Cheking the 1st list ; well, If I chose A from the list1 and I move to the list2 to chek records correspending to "A" ; I can't see the List , nothing is displeyed from the list 2 ; however I must "Submit" Before moving to list 2 and it's not good to submit between Displaying the 2 related list .how can I relate my lists without submitting in web browser (like DESCKTOP use ) ???