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Conditional "custom" value list

Question asked by RobertSchweizer on Apr 5, 2011
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Conditional "custom" value list


Hi there,

is there a way to have a conditional value list, that is not based on another table but instead of couple of value lists?

For Example:

I have two fields "Country" and "City".

"Country" is a drop-down-list of the costum value list "Countrylist".(custom value list = all values entered manually into list, not generated out of any table or field, etc.)

"City" is a drop-down list of of the custom value list depending on what country was selected.

Now I know there is the possibility to do this by making another table that holds two similar fields, and I could have the field City display only related values (related to the country selected) etc.

But my question is, if it is possible to have the same thing set up, but instead of choosing to only show related values from a different table, have another custom value list as options.

Another example: I have three custom value lists.

Value list A: Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Value list B: Website, Forum, Blog

Value list C: Movie, Series, Talkshow

And now for example if I enter print in the field "selection", the field "medium" is set to give me the options of value list A.

Again if i enter "TV", I get the options of value list C. But remember all of those lists are custom and NOT values from a field in a table.

Thanks in advance for any answers related to this issue.