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Conditional "Open file" And "Perform script from file" script steps

Question asked by ultranix on Jul 1, 2014
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Conditional "Open file" And "Perform script from file" script steps


     Hello, I have 500 files, which need to run the same Import script, but cannot be merged or imported into one single table/file, so I am making one controlling file with one table and one field - abbreviation, which runs the single controlling script:

     1- Import record (import the list of 500 abbreviations, but in next occurencies numbers may vary)
     2- Go to record/request/page [First]
     3- Loop
     4- Set variable [$Abbr; Value: abbr::abbreviation]
     5- Open file [current folder, (file:calc-analytics & $Abbr)
     6- Perform script ["Import" from file $Abbr)
     7- Close file ("$Abbr")
     8- Go to record/request/page [Next]
     9- End Loop

     But here I encounter 3 challenges:
     1- Open file with $Abbr doesn't work, because it displays message "The file "calc-analytics & $Abbr.fmp12" could not be opened. That means that variables doesn't work here. How can I make them work?
     2- Perform script from other file, that is specified from a variable, and not opened when compiling a script, how can I make this work?
     3- Close the file $Abbr. Same thing as with Open file.