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Conditional (2 Conditions) Value List

Question asked by IanSegers on Sep 8, 2011
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Conditional (2 Conditions) Value List


Hi there

I would like to create a conditional list. Based on 2 conditions. The first condition is the relation between my 2 tables. Products and LotsProducts relates one-to-Many to Lots. My dropdown shows all Lots which are related to the selected Product.

So far so good. But my next CONDITION is based on a field of Lot. I have a field isActive (Allowed values: 'Yes','No'). I would like to show only the Lots in my value list which are ( related to the Product  AND  isActive has value 'Yes' )

So the current setting for my Value List is next :
 - Use values from field
   "Lots::Lot Number"    >  Include ony related values starting from "Products"


I am using of course FileMaker version 11.

Thanks for your time