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    Conditional action - FMP12



      Conditional action - FMP12


      Hi everyone, I run a club membership database with the usual details on it i.e. name, address, age, membership type. If a club membership type changes to 'Resigned' how can I move their record away from the other 'Full' membership to another called 'Resigned Membership'?  I thought of some sort of conditional action but cannot progress it from there.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.




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          Exactly what do you mean by "move away"?

          I would keep all of your records right in the same table, but design the interface so that "resigned" records cannot appear except when you specifically want to see those records.

          There are number of ways to use FileMaker Design tools to make that happen. Scripts can automatically filter find results to omit "resigned" records. Custom Menus can modify what options a user has or perform scripts of your design in place of the standard menu option. Portal's can be set up with filters--either in portal setup or as part of the relationship to omit "resigned" records and so forth.

          One of the main advantages to this is that bringing back a "resigned" record--perhaps one that was so marked in error simply requires finding that record and changing the value of this field back to its original value.

          Note: this method is often employed to do a kind of "soft delete" on records in a table by hiding them without actually deleting them, thus giving the users an "undo delete" capability not otherwise possible.

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            Thanks for the response.  By move away I am thinking of placing the resigned record in to another table.  I like your subsequent ideas and I will start trying to apply those.  I may be back for further assistance!

            Thank you again.