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Conditional and Dwindling Value Lists...

Question asked by symbister on Apr 6, 2013
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Conditional and Dwindling Value Lists...



     I realise that this is an old chestnut but couldn't find a relative thread..

     I have a number of artists, who have produced a number of artworks, often more than one each. I'm selling them through an invoice / lineitems schema, so that once an artist is selected, only their artworks are displayed (CVL - works well, thanks Phil), but now I also want to exclude those that have been sold (DVL - not so happy) 

     set up a Global number field on the main table, with a relationship to the Artworks sales status at the same time as the conditional check and Value List for the 'Unsolds' - but not doing it - am I on the right track?

     thanks in advance