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    conditional background



      conditional background



           I have a field (next_date) , where a date is calculated from another field (date). 


           Is it possible, that next_date changes background color if it's date is today or later?


           ex: next_date: 28.08.2014

           today: 27.08.2014 -> background color of next_date is white
           today: 29.08.2014 -> background color of next_date is red

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               Use this calculation for the conditional formatting option of the field "next_date":

               Self  ≤ Get ( CurrentDate )

               and set the field's background color to red

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                 Thank you for your reply


                 Do you want to say, that i should use a relation, so the field only appears when its out of date?

                 The next_date has already a calculation next_date= (chat_date +186)


                 I've tried with a calculation, but then the background is always red. 


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                   While in Layout mode, select that calculation field and:

                   Format >> Conditional... >> Add >>
                   1) Formula is: Self  ≤ Get ( CurrentDate )
                   2) check the box "Fill Color"
                   3) Choose the red color

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                     Well that was way too EASY, great


                     thank you for your help