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    Conditional Calculation



      Conditional Calculation


           With this post, I would like to ask a question.

           A have a problem with a small project i'm building.

           I have a database with 3 tables: "Basket", "Product items" and "Default baskets".

           The table "Product items", has 3 fields: "ProductID", "ProductName" and "ProductPrice".
           The table "Default baskets", has 4 fields: "DefaultBasketID", "SetName", "BasketPrice" and "ProductID".
           The table "Basket", has 3 fields: "ID", "DefaultBasketID", "ProductID".

           The table "Product items" contains products like a banana, a appel, a waterbottle, ...

           The table "Default baskets" contains several default shopping baskets containing product Items.
           Example: a basket that contains 3 appels and 1 banana.

           The table "Basket" contains a choosen default basket and items picked.

           When creating a new basket, you pick a default basket and add products.

           So far so good.

           Now I need a calculated field that calculates the basket price. The total price is the basket price + all items not in the default list.
           When a default basket has 2 bananas and the real basket has 4 bananas: the total price is the default price of the basket and 2 additional bananas.

           How do I create a calcalution like that?


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               I would treat each "default basket" as a record in Products with a price for that basket. Then all pricing will come from the products table whether the item be added to the invoice as an indivdual item or as part of a "basket".

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                 This approach doesn't allow you to calculate the items based on the default basket items. Using the suggested approach will make you rely on the correct input of the user. I need a fail proof systeem to compare the default basket content with the current basket content...

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                   You can use a relationship to a related table that lists the product ID's, unit prices and quantities of each item that makes up that basket. A portal on the products layout can be used to create the list products that make up the basket.


                   Products and Products|InBasket would be Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? that refer to the same data source table.