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    Conditional Calculation



      Conditional Calculation


      Can you help me with a simple way to perform a conditional calculation?  I have 2 tables - Item Master which holds static information about an item - and Item Detail which holds purchase detail information of that item.  In each table I have a calculated field for cost per serving.  Currently in the Item master, my calculation is Max (Item Detail::Serving Cost).  My problem is I only want to consider the detail records that I actually still have in inventory (Item Detail::Qty OH > 0).  Is there a way to add a conditional statement to the Item Master Calculation?


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          Not without using a WHERE clause inside an ExecuteSQL query.

          But you can set up a calculation field inside the ITem Detail table to get the desired result:

          If ( Qty OH > 0 ; Serving Cost )

          Then modify your Max function in Item Master to take the Max of this calculation field.