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    Conditional Calculation Field ??



      Conditional Calculation Field ??


      I am trying to create a calculation field determined by conditional if statements equal or grater than values of another field.

      IF [field A] is (>100 <500) then [field B] is calculated at .10 but

      IF [field A] is (>501 <1000) then (field B) is calculated at .20

      for an example.

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          Case ( Field A > 100 AND Field A < 500 ; .10 ;
                     Field A < 1000 ; .20 )

          The first boolean expression to evaluate as True will determine the value returned--which is why the second expression doe not check to see if the value is greater than 500. This is a very good function to look up in FileMaker help and become very familiar with as it is one that is frequently used to compute values in FileMaker.