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Conditional calculation issue

Question asked by ultranix on Sep 27, 2014
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Conditional calculation issue


Hey, I want your input on complex conditional calculation I'm working on. The idea is like this: I have a form about property, and I want to transfer it to property description. I got stuck on window orientation. I have all 8 possible sides - North, East, South, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest.

So, if, for example, east, north and southwest is checked, I want it to work like that:  first & ", " & second & " and " & third (where first is "east" and second is "north" and third is "southwest"). But there, theoretically, may be all possible variations from 1 option checked to all 8.

What I want:

If 1 checked - no comma, no " and "; (East)
If 2 checked - separated by " and "; (East and West)
If 3 checked - first 2 separated by comma, last one by " and "; (East, West and South)
If 4 checked - first 3 separated by comma, last one by " and "; and so on. (East, West, Southeast and North)

How do I do that?