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Conditional Calculation Slows Database

Question asked by Snozzle's on Apr 12, 2015
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Conditional Calculation Slows Database





I have conditional calculations that slow down the database on a hosted solution.  The color conditional really helps the customer visualized and focus. And it would be nice to find an alternative method.

Here is one of the five conditional calcs that the field "Fill" is either "Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, or Gray"

Scheduler::Ck Bx Shipped ≠ 1 and Scheduler::Ship Date = Scheduler::Search Current Date and Scheduler::Ck Bx OFA ≠ 1

I've discovered Filemaker will give it to you on one end, then take it away from you on the other end.

Is there another way to place a conditional so "Filemaker" doesn't calculate the found set and as well as recalculate as the customer scrolls.  

When we take away the visual color conditional, then all is fine, scrolling if very quick, no lag.

Thank you.