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conditional calculations

Question asked by CourtneyHart on Jun 3, 2014
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conditional calculations



     I have a table where users can currently enter a two masses and then a calculation field will display the percentage of the larger mass that the smaller mass is.  For instance, if you entered that you prepared 100 grams of dough and 10 g chocolate chips, it would give back to you 10% in the calculation field ("percent by mass").  However, some users want to be able to go the other direction, entering the mass of dough and the desired percent by mass of chocolate chips, and having it return the mass to add.

     Is there a way to define this calculation such that people can do it in either direction?  I'd rather not create another set of fields because this information needs to be searchable and useable for later calculations.  I'm thinking this will require some if(Notempty()) type stuff, but I'm not sure how to approach it.