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Conditional color change of field label possible?

Question asked by AlwaysHopeful on Aug 29, 2014
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Conditional color change of field label possible?


     Using Filemaker Pro v.13.

     I'm creating an interface for displaying whether or not our product is listed on certain sites (among other things, but this is the first snag I've run into).  The sites for now include Amazon, eBay, Website (this is our own site), also including "Other" for future possible sites where we may list in the future.

     Just as a visual, I would like the following color changes to happen (to the LABEL of the field) when when all (except "other"), some or none are checkmarked. Here are some screenshots to demonstrate...

     If ALL the sites (except OR including "Other") are CHECKED,  the STATUS Label should be GREEN...

     If ONLY some are checked, STATUS label should be YELLOW...(And, maybe when yellow, change the text "STATUS" to something darker (more readable against yellow). But, this is not that important.)

     Finally, when NONE are checked the STATUS label should be RED...


     In the Data \ Control Style \ Valuesfrom settings I added a "list" called WebsiteList (Amazon, eBay, Website, 'Allow Other')

     The field that I want to base the 'condition' on is called STATUS.

     I'm pretty new to this stuff, not sure exactly what to do next. I right-clicked the STATUS label and chose 'conditional formatting' but the condition "Value is" happens to be greyed out.

     Thanks for any help you can provide.