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Conditional Color Changes on a text field

Question asked by snimmo on Nov 13, 2012
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Conditional Color Changes on a text field


     I am trying to use a text field with the following behavior;

     I want the textbox which I have formatted as a circle to look like a radio button to blend in (be invisible) when the text box value is zero, display an orange circle when the textbox value is -1 and display a red circle when the textbox value is +1.

     I am trying to control this with my fill and text colors to make this work.

     It seems to work for a +1 and is displaying a red circle. When I have a vaule of 0 I am still getting an image or outline that I don't want.

     One difficulty I ran into when trying to make the fill and text color of the 0 value be the same as my background is I couldn't find a way to know the exact background color without just guessing. Is there a way to replicate the background color? I am using a pre delivered theme so it is not just a white background.

     Also this textbox/radio button look is begin displayed on a Tab layout if that makes a difference.

     Thanks to any and all for your help.