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    Conditional Data



      Conditional Data


           I am creating a report in which some of my records are missing numeric data. For those field that contain no data (null) I would like to have "TBD" show up as apposed to a blank or $0.  I know how to use conditional formatting, but in this case I want to display text in a numeric field in lieu of a $0. 

           Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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               Enter layout mode.

               Use the text tool to add TBD to your layout.

               Give it this conditional format expression:

               YourTable::YourAmountField > 0

               specify a font size change for this layout text to make it about 120 points or larger.

               Select your amount field.


               YourTable::YourAmountField = 0

               to set the contents of this field to 120 points or larger in size.

               postiion the TBD text on top of your amount field.

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                 Note, the large font size will make the layout text and the contents of your amount field disappear if you set a large enough font size 120+ points is usually sufficient to produce that result.