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Conditional Drop Boxes Not Working for Find Requests

Question asked by andypost on Jun 28, 2013
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Conditional Drop Boxes Not Working for Find Requests


     I'm making a databse for photography.  Specifically for everything you can find in a grocery store, to keep track of photos I've done, and those remaining.  I've got fields for...

        "Type" (Dairy, Vegetable, Fruit, Beef, Poultry etc)

        "Name", (Parmeasan, Cheddar, Swiss)

        "Style" (Grated, Cubed, Block, Wedge, Slice)

        and "size". 

     Each field is a drop box, and the drop box is populated with contents of the field.  Each level down in detail filters the option in the drop box based on  all the fields before.  Works like a champ.


     If I go into find mode, the first level drop box presents me with all the "Type" options, the second level presents all the "Name" options based on my selection of "Type" but when I get to "Style" the whole thing goes stupid and doesn't offer me any Drop Options. 


     Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?